They say that there is no better time than the present. It is true.

With so many variables in life, you never know when you will have missed your golden opportunity. Your life can change in the matter of a split second. In one moment, I made the wrong decision, knowing that I am not invincible. This decision prevented me from working and from doing any of the activities that I love. Suddenly, I had so much free time, with limited choices of what I could do. In that time, I really valued and missed the freedom I once had, not too long ago. Although I am lucky and will recover, I now understand that life is a very thin line. We are fragile, we are unstable and can easily be shaken off of our path, therefore every step we can take towards our goals should be taken confidently and with graciousness.

If you have ideas on how to make things better, share them, implement them and start now.  There’s no better day than today. So long as you start today, you will have something to improve upon tomorrow.

Diondra Filicetti