What is Beauty Without You?

The world will tell you that beautiful is tall, slim, muscular, makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. These profiles have been defined and advertised until we have accepted them as true. Where would these “beautiful” people be without the makeup, without the hair products, without drastic dieting and gym-going. While these are things things that many people may enjoy, they are not requirements for beauty like we may believe. They are products that have been marketed beyond question.

Now, where would we be without the artists; passionate people covered in paint? Where would we be without the architects, building beautiful structures? Where would we be without the engineers and all of our technology? Where would we be without the musicians, giving us the soundtrack of our lives? Where would we be without the carpenters, the social workers, the doctors, the nurses, the firefighters, the teachers, the scientists, and the volunteers?

Beauty exists in many forms. The moments that make you smile, that leave you in awe and that bring your senses alive, are the best moments of human life. If you can be the creator of those moments, you will make a difference. You don’t need makeup and hair products to do that.

Where would we be without you? Your beauty, your value is your mark on this world. If you can make the world a more beautiful place, even in a small way, the world would be less beautiful without you.

Diondra Filicetti