Who We Are

Driven By...™ is an apparel/clothing brand defined by understanding and sharing what motivates us as individuals and showing pride in that drive. 

We often do not take the time to assess our own motivations and as a result it is difficult to communicate what drives us. Driven By...™ is meant to promote those thoughts, those self-assessments and really reflect on why you wake up each day and do what you do. Really understanding what is important to you and what drives you is essential in helping you find that sense of accomplishment when you reach your goals. Be proud of your drive and represent it each and every day, by wearing it! 

Rather than a clothing brand that emphasizes a single idea, Driven By...™ can represent whatever you make it because it identifies your personal motivations and passion.

Our Vision

To continuously and positively orient ourselves and others for fulfillment and shape our environment for the better.

Brand Design

DrivenBy… branding appears in black and white, so as not to be defined by colour or imagery.  The “colour” or essence of DrivenBy… comes from the audience, those who wear the clothing and those that engage with the brand. Brand photos consist of a variety of people of all ethnicities showcasing the things that drive them. The overall look is both professional and creative.


The DrivenBy… Nut

The nut icon is representative of the fact that nuts are incomplete or lack purpose without bolts, the same way that DrivenBy… is incomplete without its customers, and people are incomplete if they are driven by nothing at all. This logo typically appears in a combination of three to replicate the three dots in “DrivenBy…