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The entrepreneurship journey is no joke! This business planner has been carefully created to help you get started, keeping in mind some of the common challenges that many new entrepreneurs face. This business planner is a starting point for you to start your venture with a strong foundation. It is intended to help you to overcome challenges and create opportunities for your business.


Career Planning

Making career decisions is no small task. With our many skills and interests and the many career opportunities out there, it is difficult to identify the best fit. Taking the time to identify strengths and picturing the ideal career, applicants can save valuable time during the job search. Our career planning workshop goes through 5 critical steps of career planning which include self-assessment, research, networking, and resume and cover letter writing. It all begins with identifying what drives you.



This white paper highlights the important components to include or consider when writing for employment or scholarship applications. Candidates must demonstrate their qualifications and avoid critical writing errors. This white paper includes structural outlines, tips and activities to assist with your persuasive writing for applications.



This white paper outlines the average costs that high school students can expect when they apply for post-secondary school. This paper includes descriptions for various scholarship types, resources and tips for applying to scholarships.